About Managed Mischief

Here at Managed Mischief, we love telling stories.


Creating effective media — both print and video — is all about storytelling. Every project tells a story — from corporate newsletters to literary conference posters to website promo videos — and we love working with clients to figure out the best, the most affordable, the most efficient and most awesome way of telling their story.


Over the last few years, we've had the opportunity to work with some really awesome folks — from independent tech companies and local government offices, to security conferences and local artists. Our clients' projects become our stories and we take great pride in our final creations. Whatever your creative needs are, we can handle it, and we will bring your story to life.

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Mayfield Mastering

Mastering Services

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Mayfield Mastering is Nashville's premiere mastering facility. If it's audio, they do it!

Weird Aesthetics

Web Design & Illustration

Artist and Web Designer with a background heavy in a variety of computer, illustration, and media experiences.

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Handmade, inspirational gifts. A Jar of Joy provides you with 365 days of inspiration, motivation and c'mon-get-happy words of encouragement to fill your life with a little more joy.

Social Deviants

Social Media Marketing

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Chris Breceda, VP of Business Development, Trusted Learning, Inc. says:

Our own internal marketing efforts rely heavily on the talents and disciplines that Managed Mischief brings to our team. Ashley's creative thought process and excellent client management skills are a major ingredient for our success. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Managed Mischief for any project that she applies herself toward.

Winn Schwartau, Founder, The Security Awareness Company says:

Creative. Poised. Knowledgeable (and knows when to ask "What do you mean?"). Dedicated, thorough in hard copy and soft media. Tries anything.

Janet Wallace, Social Deviants and UtyopYA Con says:

What resonated with me most about working with Ashley and Managed Mischief was her enthusiasm about the project and her ability to truly listen to our needs. In addition, she brought to the table ideas we hadn't thought of, and delivered on time, every time. We got great feedback on her designs — from the print to the video. I highly recommend her work.

Spencer Cobb, Co-Founder and CEO, Mobile Active Defense says:

It's always a pleasure collaborating with Ashley. She is a digital artist and social media expert with the perfect combination of technical knowledge and communication skills to allow her to listen, translate, crystallize and enhance our brand and vision. Her attention to aesthetics and style through the nuances of details create a tremendous impact on the viewer. She delivers stellar results against the tightest deadlines and with a sense of humor. I'd highly recommend her for your next project.